Since the start of this pandemic, we have all stressed covering our mouths when we cough and sneeze, as past studies show air particles disperse from our mouths in great numbers. Mask wearing has become the pinnacle in stopping or slowing the spread of these particles, especially if a person has the COVID-19 virus. However; recent data indicates we should aim a little e higher; namely the nose.

When it comes to getting infected, things "likely start in the nose" said Professor of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill (UNC), Dr. Richard Boucher. Apparently, another meticulous UNC study shows that COVID-19 most likely resides for a bit of time in our nasal tracts before infecting our respiratory systems.

Some of the findings indicate the virus becomes attached to the nasal cavity and then is aspirated into our lungs; that's where the lung damage, pneumonia, and other respiratory issues come into play. So while our coughs or sneezes may transmit the virus, the nose is where we will literally "catch" it.

You might be asking, "why are you telling me this?" Simply put, people are still wearing masks incorrectly and ineffectively. How many times have you gone out to the grocery store or out shopping to see people wearing their masks under their noses? Aside from looking fairly goofy, they greatly reduce the effectiveness of the mask while increasing their chance of contracting Coronavirus -- according to the UNC study.

Wearing your mask properly, which means over the nose, is essential in preventing yourself from inhaling Coronavirus particles where they can set up camp in your nostrils. So pull your mask up and "keep your nose clean kid"

THE original UNC study can be found here.

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