Nothing good comes out of being ill from COVID-19. Aside from the damage it can cause our bodies and its potential to be fatal, some coronavirus patients have also experienced trauma from others who pointed fingers at them and told them it’s all their fault.

Divided thinking

It’s not easy to understand how COVID-19 leads to a social stigma that turns some of the ill into pariahs. While there’s great fear going all around, blaming people who get infected with COVID-19 should never happen in a pandemic where working in unity is a key solution. 

Unfortunately for the country, the pandemic has also turned into a political issue wherein even a simple directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about the wearing of face masks has divided the United States into blues and reds. Soon, families are being torn apart not only because of their political differences but also by COVID-19.  

Focus on the positive

Being a COVID-19 pariah in America may come whether you get the virus or not. Face masks advocates and health officials including the country’s leading epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci used to be treated as an outcast because of his honest yet ominous projection of pandemic figures.  Meanwhile, one survivor from New Jersey who wore a T-shirt that says she is a ‘COVID-19 survivor’ elicited discomfort among her neighbors.  

Overcoming the maltreatment brought about by pandemic is not an easy task but there are ways around it. For Dr. Fauci, sticking to the science and avoiding talks that politicize his job somehow worked as he is back to where he belongs with a new administration that supports his views and a high 60% approval rating from the public.

Elizabeth Martucci, who was shunned by her neighbors instead of being celebrated as a survivor, took things one day at a time until she and her family were able to stand up, share her story, and express her gratitude for being alive when many others did not. 

Think rationally

According to health experts, fear should not drive people when it comes to COVID-19 but rational thought. Everyone can be vulnerable to the virus and focusing on the high chances of recovery and being resilient rather than what people might think, will help you recover faster when you get infected. 

For people who are dealing with depression during the pandemic, the CDC recommends contacting its affiliates here

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