A few weeks before she was set to celebrate her birthday, French nun Lucile Randon (or Sister Andre to those closest to her), tested positive for COVID-19. Though she did not feel any major symptoms, she placed herself in quarantine inside her Toulon home for fear that she might pass on the virus to other residents. 

By early February, Sister Andre had fully recovered from the virus and was excited to celebrate her birthday on the 11th– it was her 117th.  

Older people can overcome COVID-19

Whether it’s divine intervention, luck, or good health, Sister Andre has shown all of us an invaluable virtue during the age of COVID-19 in that isolating yourself or simply wearing face masks is more for the benefit of others than your own.

Being the oldest living person in the whole of Europe, Sister Andre is also a perfect example that the elderly can remain resilient against COVID-19 by practicing the infection protocols implemented by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The elderly need more care today

In the WHO’s guide for the care of older people, elderly individuals (especially those with underlying conditions or comorbidities), should also religiously practice wearing face masks, social distancing, and proper hygiene. 

However, some countries have exempted some of their elderly from wearing face masks particularly those who are unable to put or remove the face masks by themselves or those who experience severe dyspnea from wearing them.

Caregivers who take care of the elderly in homes should also know best to take proper care of themselves and their elders by wearing high-grade N95 or KN95 respirators during their shifts. 

Proper masks for the elderly

For those who can wear masks, N95 and KN95 respirators are recommended as they provide optimum protection with multiple melt blown layers that block 95% of harmful microparticles in the air while having little to no disruption in normal airflow. Respirators with head loops can also offer more comfort and a proper fit for longer wear as compared to other types of face masks. 

Common surgical or cloth masks can be easily associated with doctor visits which may even agitate some older people, and simple DIY cloth masks can only offer around 30% of protection at most.  

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