Few people know that proper hand-washing to prevent diseases has been a global campaign since 2009. The SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign or World Hand Hygiene Day is an annual celebration every May 5th to encourage healthcare professionals around the world.  

With COVID-19 putting back the spotlight on hand-washing, mask-wearing, and social distancing, the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling on everyone to take a few seconds and practice the proper health protocols to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. This year, healthcare workers are not the only ones responsible for taking a few seconds each day to promote safety and protect those around them.

Here are three simple practices you can do right now that will only take a matter of seconds but can save lives in the process.

Examine the masks you wear

The next time you wear a mask, make sure that it is made out of the right materials, has ample breathing chambers for comfort, and can ward off a significant percentage of aerosol particles that float in the air. Health experts recommend medical-grade N95 or KN95 respirators with a 95% level of protection against nanoparticles floating in the air including the air transmissible COVID-19. Make sure that the masks you wear fit your face properly and are properly disposed of after use.   

Sing two Happy Birthdays while washing your hands

Straight from the CDC list of recommendations, it should take you a good 20 seconds or two happy birthday songs to scrub your hands thoroughly and rinse germs off with clean running water. Frequently wash your hands throughout the day particularly before and after eating food; after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose; or after you take off your face masks and dispose of them in the biohazard bin among others.  

Get yourself vaccinated

Many might argue that it would take more than a few seconds or even minutes to get vaccinated but everything starts with going online and getting registered for an appointment. A few things you can do to secure a vaccination appointment is to check your nearby state-run clinic's registration portal, visit pharmacies or retail outlets’ websites for vaccine availability, or chat with your local doctor on how you can get vaccinated.   

Follow these simple best practices and do your part in our global fight against COVID-19. Mask up and visit The USA Mask Company to know more about how KN95 respirators can give you higher levels of protection against coronavirus.