In British Columbia, Canada, an outbreak of the P.1 Brazilian COVID-19 variant is currently causing panic in the community with close to 300 cases being registered in late March. Perhaps the most alarming thing about this news is how far Brazil is from Canada and considering strict guidelines on international travel, this variant of concern (VOC) is proving to be one of the more contagious strains today.

Brazil is in dire straits with its hospitals already at 90% full capacity as new cases continue to increase across the country. In some hospitals in Sao Paulo, patients are stuck in ambulances and waiting for their turn at a portable ventilator being passed from ambulance to ambulance. Experts predict that if this outbreak of the P.1 variant is not contained, we might experience another surge in new cases worldwide.

Choose respirators over cloth masks

For the general public, wearing high-grade face masks is still the main armor of protection against COVID-19. Melt blown N95 respirators remain to be the gold standard in the country with a high 95% level of protection from airborne COVID-19 particles.   

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) initially discouraged public consumption of N95 respirators so that medical professionals can have enough supply to treat COVID-19 patients all over the country. Despite being more lenient this year, many are still having a hard time purchasing genuine N95 respirators that are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) or KN95 respirators that are approved by the CDC.

Avoid fake N95s and KN95s

To avoid purchasing counterfeits, the CDC has advised the general public and medical communities to purchase their respirators straight from U.S. manufacturers such as The USA Mask Company which offers both small and bulk orders for work or home use.     

The company’s N95 respirators are among those approved by the NIOSH while its KN95 respirators offer the same 95% protection as the N95, with large breathing chambers for comfort, fluid resistance, no latex materials, and head loops for a better and more secure fit.

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