Since the COVID-19 pandemic upended people’s lives all over the world, more have reported experiencing depression and anxiety from being in quarantine. To mitigate the spread of the virus, worldwide lockdowns forced people in their homes and out of touch with friends and family.

As the return to normalcy is still far out of sight, governments are encouraging their citizens to practice various forms of wellness to help them cope with the mental stigma that the coronavirus brings.

Among the many, here are three you can easily try on your own or with your family.

Deep breathing

Breathing exercises are great ways to relieve yourself of stress instantly. Take a few minutes a day to relax in a chair and focus on how you take clean air into your system, how your stomach rises, and how you release carbon dioxide along with all those bad vibes and anxiety.

When you feel an onset of stress, try practicing the 4-7-8 technique wherein you slowly inhale deeply for four seconds, hold it in for seven, and exhale slowly for eight. What happens when you do this is you let oxygen flow throughout your entire body so it resets your autonomic nervous system and calms your brain.

Individuals who have to report in offices can still do the 4-7-8 technique by wearing KN95 respirators while doing this exercise. KN95 respirators do not hamper oxygen saturation and keep you safe from all of the airborne particles that float around you by 95%.   

Exercise when you can

Physical exercise helps release your endorphins that help relieve stress and pain while making you feel happier throughout the day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that physical activities do well in helping you function better and balancing your circadian rhythms for better sleep. 

Try to squeeze in one 30-minute session of cardio and strength exercises a day to avoid anxiety and risks of chronic diseases. If you are going outdoors, the CDC also advises the use of quality KN95 respirators and social distancing to protect yourself from COVID-19. 

Practice Mindfulness and gratitude

Proper mental wellness is best achieved with sessions of meditation that are complemented by keeping the people you love in mind. Take the time to give them a call and keep in touch with them periodically so you can lift each other’s spirits during these difficult times.

Expressing gratitude in small ways can also give you that positive feeling that sets your mind on what is good rather than all the bad news you see online. Say positive affirmations under your breath from time to time and discover how these simple steps can improve both your overall health and mood.

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